Wu Deng Tang

Acting Beggar Sect Leader from the Merchant Faction Chengdu


Tribe 8 System
Agi +2
App +1
Bld +1
Cre +2
Fit +1
Inf +1
Kno +2
Per +1
Psy +0
Wil +1

Secondary Traits
Str 2(5)
Hea 1(4)
Sta 35(50)
UD 9(12)

Physical Status
Flesh Wound/Deep Wound/Death 18/35/70
Qi 25/50/100

Neigong 3
(Jiuying Shengong +1 MOS; Roll 4 dice for Neigong rolls; +1 die for all martial arts rolls)

Quick Learner, Perfect memory +1, Ambidextrous

Acupuncture 2, Combat Sense 2, Dodge 2, Etiquette 2, Healing 2, Horsemanship, Herbalism 2, Lore: Martial Arts Theory (Xiang Long) 2(3), Lore: Wulin 2, Notice 2, Qingong 2, Sneak, Streetwise, Tactics/Weiqi 3, Calligraphy 2, Poetry 2, Meditation 2, Survival, Theatrics 2, Human Perception 2, Investigation, Cooking, Lore: I Ching, Lore: Buddhism, Style, Leadership 2, Intimidaton, Teaching, Sincerity 2, Melee/Cane/Da Gou Bang 3, Melee/Sword/Du Gu Jiu Jian 3, H-T-H/Palm/Xiang Long Shi Ba Zhang 3

The Da Gou Bang: +1Acc, +2 Parry, +12 Damage
Jian ‘First Lesson’: +1 Acc, +9 Damage

Other Important Stuff
88-herb health tonic recipe from Nan Murong
Hair tonic recipe from Hong Qigong
Beggar Sect Seal of Authority
Chengdu City Seal of Unlimited Entry
Da Gou Bang Kou Chuie
Han Bing Shen Zhang Manual (memorized)
Xiang Long Shi Ba Zhang Manual (memorized)
Jiuying Shengong Manual (memorized)
Bei Ming Shengong Manual (memorized)
Feng Shen Tui Manual (memorized)
Da Gou Bang Style Manual (memorized)
Lin Rui’en’s Embroidered Hanky
Shan Ziyi’s Scarf
Xinru’s Doll


The story starts in Xienfeng City with the story of two teenagers, Wu Deng Tang & Hwa Yiqing.

On the disappearance of the Beggar Sect Leader, a Sect meeting was called to select an interim leader. Several young heroes were suggested, including Wu Deng Tang. During the proceedings, the Beggar Sect leadership was poisoned, and with the sudden death of the elders, Wu Deng Tang finds himself thrust into a role he is ill-prepared for.

During his adventures, he is caught in romantic entanglements between the Governor of Xienfeng City’s daughter, Lin Rui’en, an Emei disciple, Shan Ziyi, and a merchant’s daughter, Xinru.

He managed to decipher the first lesson left by legendary swordsman, Dugu Qiubai, earning himself Dugu’s first apprentice jian, and the first lesson of Dugu’s legendary skill.

Wu Deng Tang has a sworn brother, Hwa Yiqing, a practitioner of a vicious style of martial arts.

Wu Deng Tang

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