Welcome to Wu Xia!

Campaign is currently in design but I thought putting stuff down here would help me organise my thoughts.

System: Legends of the Wulin RPG which I think has way more potential than the original Weapons of the Gods. Possibly Qin. Anyhoo.. campaign notes to follow and I’ll be putting up all the relevant loresheets on the Wiki.

Themes and Notes

  • Think Jinyong and Gulong, not Dragonball Z. Fengyun may be an acceptable influence, sans the mountain destroying martial arts.
  • Magic – Yes/No?
  • I’m thinking of basing it circa early Ming Dynasty. The Hans have just overthrown the Mongols, the Central Plains are still in disarray as the Emperor attempts to restore order to his new empire. Lots of free play for wuxia, and the underworld, while allowing for government influence. Lone magistrates, rebellions, border skirmishes..